Unlock Global Financial Markets

Mirror is a trading and liquidity protocol that allows traders to replicate the returns of real-world tradable assets in a constraints-free and decentralized ecosystem.

Mirror Protocol - a decentralized community-led trading exchange for traditional assets

Now trade global equities, stocks, and commodities directly with ETH, USDT, and DAI.

Cross-Asset Portfolio

Trade Indices, Stocks, Commodities, and FX.

Deep Markets

Benefit from multi-layered, self-sustaining liquidity pools.

Fractional Ownership

Buy and Sell tiny amounts of real-world assets.


Transition between crypto and traditional markets in matter of seconds.


Reduce cost of your investments.

Earn Alpha

Trade tactically across asset classes and earn superior returns.

A Smart Way to Manage Your Multi-Asset Portfolio

Mirror protocol bridges the gap for crypto-owners seeking to invest in traditional assets by mirroring the returns of underlying assets in a permission-less manner without the need to convert their crypto assets into native currencies.

Community-led Governance Model

Managed by the community for the community

Mirror Protocol is empowered and sustained by the community without any intervention by a centralized source. Mirror DAO will place complete governance of the protocol, liquidity pools, and asset listings into the hands of the community.

Add New Assets

Propose and vote for your favorite index, stock, or synthetic to be listed.

Manage Liquidity Pools

Control how the master reserve pool interacts with asset-token liquidity pools.

Govern MIF

Vote to control MIF burn rate, new exchange listings, reward structure.

Secure Protocol

Request audit and upgrade insurance contracts as adoption grows.

Invest. Stake. Earn. Intuitively.

An Honest Step Towards Equality and Simplicity

Our mission is to make investing open, simple, and easier. We envision a world where traditional and cryptocurrency markets are universally accessible, cheap, fast and safe.

All listed asset-tokens follow a pegged price sourced in a decentralized manner. The pegged-price mechanism cannot be altered.


No one can control the protocol and asset-token pricing mechanism.


Multi-layered liquidity pools with demand and supply smoothing.


Anyone in the world can use it unconditionally.


All transactions and interaction between liquidity pools are on-chain and on a public ledger.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Next Phase in Cryptocurrency Revolution and Decentralized Finance

Traditional investing infrastructure is mired with high transactional costs, unintuitive tax laws, limited on-ramp and off-ramp infrastructure, reduced capacity, and compromised security and privacy. Mirror Protocol jumps these barriers making it a unique trading and investment vehicle for our clients.

Protocol Use-Cases

  • Tactical and quantitative trading
  • Long-term portfolio management
  • Diversification and Hedge Trades
  • Reduced cost of investment management
  • Transfer and inheritance of crypto-denominated traditional assets

Protocol Clientele

  • Retail Investors
  • Tactical, Quant, and Arb Traders
  • Commodity Pool Operators
  • Wealth Management Advisors
  • Hedge Funds
  • Endowment and Pension Funds
  • Cryptocurrency Firms holding basket of assets

MIF Powers the Mirror Protocol

MIF is the layer on which the Mirror protocol is built and MIF holders play the central governing role. It distributes voting rights to holders in Mirror DAO to manage all facets of the protocol. MIF adheres to ERC-20 standard.

Each buyer of MIF is in effect entering into a contract of staking. The funds collected from MIF holders go directly to the master reserve liquidity pool, which helps in funding the asset-tokens.

Governing members of the protocol

Vote for or create new synthetic asset-tokens for listing, initiate audit, upgrade insurance contracts.

Principal liquidity providers of the protocol

Earn share of all fees and staking returns from the master reserve pool.

Custodian of the master reserve pool

Manage how and when the master reserve pool can be used.

Simplified Architecture. Designed to Last.

Mirror is a linear automated market-making protocol that prioritizes orders on a first in first out basis. Prices of all trading pairs are pegged to an underlier. The trade-matching engine is secure, fast, and scalable - ready to handle upto 10,000 transactions per second.

Mirror architecture is built to be a self-sustaining ecosystem. Each asset-token trading pair has a dedicated self-sustaining liquidity pool with a liquidity gauge and rules-based demand and supply smoothing. For each asset pair, traders trade directly with the smart contract governed liquidity pool.

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Overview of MIF Economics

MIF Economics is designed to reward participants who actively engage with the protocol as an early adopter. There are three ways you may interact with the protocol – provide liquidity, participate in governance, or trade.

All funds collected from the trade of MIF holders go directly to the master reserve liquidity pool, which helps in funding the platform and the asset-token liquidity pools. In return, holders of MIF earn staking rewards.

Tokens attributed to staking rewards and incentives (including retrospective token distribution) are time-locked to be opened at key intervals for circulation.

Development Team
For transparency, the development team does not hold any MIF or any other asset-tokens. We are incentivized through competitive compensation which is directly correlated to trading fees the protocol will earn with a clawback clause.

Burn Rate
Unused tokens Staking Rewards & Incentives to be burned fully. Burn rate for tokens in Master Reserve Pool and Ecosystem Fund to be decided by the community.

Product Roadmap

Timeline for next four quarters

Frequently Asked Questions

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